Thursday, 24 March 2011

One take

 In the greenhouse presented with so much greenery this was a 'one take' drawing done by not taking the pen off the paper. I might use this, as parts of it cropped could be the beginning of some sketchbook etchings. Later added colour changes perception but suddenly it looks too much and takes away from the quality of line.

And...talking about colour...
Researching the history of botanic artists I found out that Franz and Ferdinand Bauer, whose careers spanned the latter part of 18th and early19thC, had botanic colour sorted  out. They used a shade card that they took out with them, drew the plants but numbered the colours to match their shade card so they could reproduce them on return home from their travels. The shade card accompanied Thaddaus Haenke (1761-1816) on his world tour. He died in Peru but the shade card returned to Madrid, where it was donated to the Real Jardin Botanico; checked against Bauer work, it matches perfectly after 180 years.

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