Friday, 11 March 2011

Each plant in its place

At the garden on Wednesday. I was looking again at the little banksia marginata that I sketched last time. Living at the margins its trunk has to be bandaged for the winter. Situated under a cedar tree that protects it from frost it has its own micro-climate. Yet the more I looked at the cedar the more I could make out the places where branches had been pruned to allow more light in. Bandaged and cut - both bush and tree are managed. The tree healed over its cuts. Other plants are wrapped in pyramids, covered in straw under a cloche, planted on the south facing slopes. 
Yet there are so many signs of the garden waking up. The pergola has been removed and the box plants replanted elsewhere. All change and process.


  1. Hi Theo, it is good to see everything waking up this time of year...all that renewal. Wendy and I are trying to get a debate going in the blogasphere around the use of sketch books, would love you to join in, check out our posts. Sue

  2. Yes. I would join in if I thought I had a sketch book practice!! I'm not sure my sketchbooks efforts come close to such a title.