Sunday, 27 March 2011

Forgotten Dreams - a digression

Went to see the Cave of Forgotten Dreams last night....the Herzog documentary about the cave paintings in the Chauvet cave in France. The film provides the viewer with an opportunity to see extraordinary images of benign looking horses, woolly rhinos, mammoths, cave lions, bison and more, looking so fresh and lively - painted using the contours of the cave walls to create their own 3D effect. The only way to see these is through the means of just such a digital 3D film; the cave is shut to the public to preserve them.  As such they are ephemeral, yet have lasted 32,000 years.
 A link to images...

During my adventures in lithography I drew a horse on the lithographic stone. It remained for less than a day as I discovered it failed to print, and all that is left is a digitised image ....
Ephemeral and a different horse...nervy and thoroughbred, startled and surprised, no sleepy eyes or mouth at rest, no punk style mane or forlock, and can be deleted at the touch of a button. Just one of millions of images of horses in the world, and as such all I can do is wonder at the power and uniqueness of the horses and animals in the cave and try to imagine the forgotten dreams of the artists who painted them.

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