Sunday, 22 May 2011

The challenge of process

 It has been challenging working on the woodworking for the display of the haikus. The early decision to use recycled wood and the choice I use hardwood plywood that just happened to be flame retarded has meant multiple difficulties in my search to be a sustainable artist.

The flame retardant meant I could not use sustainable water based varnish. I used nutshell varnish on the supports and underneath but I now find that this will go black in the rain. This means it will have to be polyurethane for the display surface.

The flame retardant also meant I could not glue the board to the wooden support - and this meant screws..more dilemmas of choice. The solution was 2 discreet black slotted screws with the slots all facing the same way as the grain of the wood. And so it goes. 
Placement in the garden will be this week ...

Meanwhile I have continued working on the sketchbook prints- this one inspired by the irises that have flowered and then gone.

And a second inspired by the shadows of the meadow plants on my sketchbook.

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